Breuer-Hermenau Quartet

Carolyn Breuer und Andrea Hermenau

The music of the new quartet of saxophonist Carolyn Breuer singer and pianist Andrea Hermenau is sensitive and powerful at the same time. The musical mélange of sax and voice adds a certain texture to the original poetic compositions and thus leads to a genuine and unique sound.

The two musicians are accompanied by a fantastic rhythm group consisting of Peter Cudek on upright bass and Christian Lettner on drums. The musical skills and versatility on their instruments gives the quartet the ability to create an interactive and energetic sound.

Carolyn Breuer und Andrea Hermenau

„Carolyn Breuer shows a clarity of tone and purpose that only comes with personal growth. Love gained and lost and the emotional revelation that only comes with living.“ Branford Marsalis

„Carolyn has got all the ingredients, she is a fantastic player!“ George Coleman

Carolyn Breuer und Andrea Hermenau

„After years of honing her craft, Andrea Hermenau has managed to master many musical talents in one person: her harmonically advanced, but melodic piano playing, her soft and beautiful singing, and finally her astonishingly precise feel for rhythm that she learnt by once being an impressive percussionist as well.“ Oliver Hochkeppel

Hörproben Breuer-Hermenau Quartet

Mimo Is Back

Simply Be

My Foolish Heart

Heile Weltschmerz

Hector The Collector

Four Seasons Of Life

Ensemble 4 Seasons of Life

Photo: Sandor Farkas

"Four Seasons Of Life", the new project of saxophonist and composer Carolyn Breuer with 10 classic and 10 jazz musicians premiered on 09/29/2013 at the Carl-Orff-Saal (Munich). The concert connects the jazz saxophonist's roots with her love of classical music. A truly memorable evening.

Four Seasons of Life / Ingolstadt

+ Gallery: Four Seasons Of Life at the AUDI Forum Ingolstadt

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Herman Breuer & Carolyn Breuer

The duo of father and daughter
Carolyn Breuer, alto and soprano saxophone / piano and vocals Hermann Breuer

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Der kleine Erdbär

A Jazzical for children from 3 years

Ich rap mir die Welt

A hip-hop concert with three young female rappers for children age 5 to 12.

Der Kleine Erdbär


CD-Cover „Der kleine Erdbär“

An enchanting story. Read and written by Sabine Bohlmann with music by Carolyn Breuer.
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